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The Love of Gods

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The Love of Gods, written by Tarrant Smith is the first book in the paranormal romance series, The Legends of the Pale.

The story is an intriguing combination of a murder mystery and love story. As with any good romance, the story has a masculine hero – Lugos.  Despite being a god, Lugos prefers the company of humans. Whilst Lugo is investigating the death of a high-ranking witch his relationship with Keely Ann Lee, a Southern bar tender develops from a simple friendship into romance. Unbeknownst to Keely, Lugos has loved her over several different lifetimes. This time, he will do all he can to protect this mere mortal.

The story is set in Pale, which are a group of supernatural communities, but the characters are spread over different physical locations including Ireland and America.

There is a large and daunting cast of characters, which appear and disappear throughout the book. The author provides a comprehensive character list at the beginning, which is appreciated, but flipping back and forth gets a bit disruptive. The number of characters is further complicated by the fact that these are paranormal characters such as demons, witches, gods, shifters, demigoddesses and familiars. Each character has their own special powers as well as personality and location. That said, it did not take long to get my head around the number of characters and any fan of epic expansive fantasy novels will appreciate the intricate backstory that Tarrant Smith ha created.

Interwoven into the story are both paranormal and human experiences. Characters constantly move from using human technology such as cell phones, luxury cars, classic cars, security systems and Google maps to teleportation and shape shifting. They move from the mundane such as using passports to shifting from human form to animal form. This adds interest and intrigue and ensures the story is fast moving.

The dialogue between characters is rich and realistic and enhances the relationship between characters. The tale is also enhanced with some interesting metaphors, for example, Keely is described at one point as “a puddle of need”; which is my new favorite phrase.

The Love of Gods is a well-written story. The dialogue is engrossing and most of the characters and their loyalties are intricate but explained in depth. Both the love story and the mystery will keep you guessing until the end.

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Calling for Reviews? Or not.

Let me be honest, reader reviews are necessary. They hopefully inform new readers about how good or bad a book may be before it is purchased. And in the Amazon marketplace, reviews are critical for a book’s exposure. With this said, most readers don’t leave reviews.

This is understandable. Heck, for years I hardly ever left behind a review. My live is a busy one, as are the lives of my readers. So, I’m being a complete hypocrite here. I know this. And yet, as an author I need to ask the reading public to gift me with their time and thoughts because I don’t have a long list of beta-readers or an endless email list of supporters. I am an introvert who’d rather listen to the characters in my own head than go to a party and mingle. I can’t tell you how often I’ve said something completely inappropriate in a social setting. Or drank too much because I felt uncomfortable. But those are stories best told inside a future book. Back to the reason for this post…

If you enjoyed any of my books after purchasing them on Amazon, please take a moment to let other potential readers know why. Luckily, all my books are free to download because they are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

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In a perfect world, I’d never ask for reviews. It would be lovely if the world immediately embraced my vision, my writing, and the worlds I have created. I wish I could say that Netflix was desperately trying to buy the rights to the Darkly Series or Hollywood wanted to turn The Love of Gods into a movie but that’s not the case. Not yet. Perhaps that will happen one day, but I need your help to get the word out.

Thank you.

Two books released this year…and working on more!

Yes, I know that I just published Resurrected Darkly, the final book of the Darkly Series, and I also introduced readers to the new world of the Pale with The Love of Gods, but that’s no reason to sit back and rest. I just have too many characters running around in my mind, some on two legs and some on four. Very soon I will be sending The Fate of Wolves off to my fabulous editor to begin the process of getting that book ready for release later this year.

The third book, The Dreams of Demons is in rewrites already and I’m diligently working on book four, The Souls of Witches. Each book illuminates a different community within the Pale. On occasion, previous characters may be involved, but I deliberately designed this series so that the books could be read out of order without a reader feeling lost.

Now, here’s a sneak peak at The Fate of Wolves.

Deegan Volkov was a werewolf—a direct descendant of the first dark soul who’d committed the vile crime for which his ancestor and the other four had been cursed. It was his fate to suffer.

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He had killed many under the guise of protecting his pack of curse-born and curse-bitten brothers. The monster that dwelt inside Deegan had always taken far more than it ever gave. So, when he was faced with yet another impossible choice, Deegan had known no other way. No other path had been open to him. But this last agonizing loss had been too much for his heart to bear, and he’d howled his pain and despair to an uncaring moon never expecting a miracle…or her.

How could Eva Azoulf exist? She was a female werewolf in a world where all the cursed were men and the very last of an extinct bloodline. She was an impossibility, one that Deegan’s wolf was set on claiming for himself. But the man in Deegan craved more than just her body. To heal his torn and tattered soul, Deegan must find a way to win her heart.