The Darkly Series

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The Darkly Series books are all about the dangerous fey, their world and how these immortals interact with each other, the gods, and us mortals. The books draw heavily from Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend. And yet, their stories of love and loss are universal.

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Enchanted Darkly:

Jennifer MacKell had long ago suppressed her inherited magickal gifts in the pursuit of a normal life. But this choice has included a stack of unending bills, a mind-numbing job, and an uninspiring marriage to her best friend, Jim. After moving with her husband to the picturesque town of Madison, Georgia, Jen’s world is turned upside down when she meets the darkly handsome Steven Dunne. Jen is drawn to him for reasons she doesn’t completely understand, and although she fights the growing attraction, fate works against her when she accepts a job as a waitress at his café.

If Steven’s untimely arrival into her life weren’t complication enough, Jen has been targeted by Hueil, a banished Unseelie fey warrior with secrets and an agenda all his own.

Both Steven and Hueil will force Jen on a quest of self-discovery as she questions her choices, values, and hidden nature. While learning to discern truth from fantasy, she will have to master a witch’s spellcraft and learn the rules for dealing with the dark fey in order to protect herself and the man she is truly destined to love.

A Bonus: Dark Craving, a Darkly Short Story

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Bound Darkly:

Literary Titan’s Gold Book Award Winner, July 2019

Sinnie has lived a secure, uniquely privileged life in the Seelie Court of Tir na n-Og. For as long as she can remember, her doting father, Sel, son of Selgi, has been the Captain of the Queen’s Guard. She cannot imagine the dark warrior prophesied for her future by the meddling goddess Blodeuwedd. Nevertheless, Sinnie’s fate is forever sealed the day the goddess whispers the riddle into her child’s ear. He would be a warrior born of the dark, raised by the despised, and tempered by the unlikely – and he would be Sinnie’s only chance at true love.

After spending nearly a thousand years exiled in the world of men, Hueil, son of Caw, has returned to the Dark Court of the Unseelie to find much has changed in his homeland. The restoration of his name and his new duties at court should have brought him satisfaction, but the many years of banishment and Jennifer Mackell have changed him. Unable to name the yearning that now plagues him, Hueil travels back to Jen’s cottage to seek answers. What he finds is Sinnie, a Seelie warrior who is both fire and flame, and a woman who might very well be the death of him – if he is lucky.

Added Bonus: Forbidden, a Darkly Short Story

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Kept Darkly:

Literary Titan Gold Book Award winner, July 2019

As the Seelie Queen’s champion and captain of her guardsmen, Sel, son of Selgi, has lived a life ruled by duty and honor. For centuries, his Queen’s wishes have dictated his every action. Not once has he questioned the legendary seer-queen’s edicts or flinched upon receiving a new mission—that is, until now. The Queen has ordered him from her side and from her court so that he might take an Unseelie as his mate, fulfilling the requirements of an ancient fey law long ignored. As if that weren’t bad enough, the Queen has named the Unseelie girl. It is Riona, the dark and hauntingly beautiful bastard daughter of the morally corrupt Unseelie King. What the hell could the Queen be thinking?

Riona has lived most of her life hiding from her powerful father. She is the unwanted issue of a despised king and his lusty courtesan, a political pawn her father is determined to use to his advantage. But King Melwas can’t use what he can’t find. Riona, who has grown used to betrayal in the Unseelie Court, is grateful for the timely intervention of the Seelie Queen in escaping her dreary fate—that is, until she learns that the Queen intends to reward her captain by formally binding Riona to him. She knows Sel by reputation only. He is said to be cold, unfeeling, and frighteningly powerful. He is also rumored to be desperately in love with his sovereign. There is no chance that the Queen’s most loyal defender will ever truly love her, so why, then, can Riona not steel her heart against him?

Added bonus: Blood & Fire, a Darkly Short Story

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Surrendered Darkly:

Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner, August 2019

“Sometimes, mirrored souls are born. They are rare and unique in that they will only reflect the light of their twin. No other will catch and hold their attention. You are such a soul.”

Cora had loved him once, but that was before Neb broke her heart. Now, a handmaiden to Arianrhod, Cora watches Neb from the safety of the god realm and what she sees—she doesn’t like. He is an arrogant and self-serving fey, just like his older brother, Hueil. But after centuries of avoiding Tir na n-Og and Neb, fate has brought them together once more. Will she surrender to the dark passion his touch ignites? Or, can cool logic protect Cora from the one her heart and soul desires most?

Navigating the dangers and politics of the Unseelie court is second nature to Neb, but now, he must use all his wits if he’s to survive the Morrigan’s command of bedding one of Arianrhod’s handmaidens. He knows that stealing from the goddess of fate can be tricky, perhaps even deadly. To make matters worse, Neb has the unsettling feeling that he should know the blue-eyed beauty. He is drawn to Cora like a bee to honey, and soon realizes that just bedding her will never be enough. She is the one, the only one for him.

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Resurrected Darkly:

Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner, August 2019

It didn’t matter that Uncle Hueil was now the Unseelie king, or that the rest of her family had benefited from her uncle’s rise to power. Ena seemed destined to remain separate, an outcast among the fey at court. She had a temper and was sharp-tongued thanks to her mother’s dragon blood. She’d never be a sweet and submissive mate for the nobles who sought to tie their houses to the powerful House of Caw. So when the matchmaking goddess Blodeuwedd appeared, Ena was suspicious. But because denying the gods was tricky, and the goddess’s errand appeared simple, Ena agreed. After all, she had a dragon’s cold heart. Not even Blodeuwedd’s silly binding vows could warm it.

Crank had once been a warrior of legend, but that was before the goddess Arianrhod cursed him for merely entering her realm. Eventually he’d abandoned his noble name, his honor, and every oath he’d ever held dear in his quest to find and restore his king to the Unseelie throne. But in the end, Arianrhod’s curse had taken everything from him. Then in Annwn, Crank had murdered his king, his life-long friend. Now madness was Crank’s constant companion. He longed for death, but the gods weren’t done torturing him…for they’d sent him a she-fey with lavender eyes and the temper of a dragon to tempt him to live again.

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This collection allows you to immerse yourself in the sexy and dangerous worlds of the fey. You’ll discover the differences between the Seelie and Unseelie courts while uncovering their secrets. But as you read, be aware of the gods and their ever-changing plans.

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