The Dreams of Demons (book 3)

Coming June 2020

The first demon was created by the gods for the purpose of war. To ensure complete loyalty, the demon was nurtured, strengthened, and bound to his creator through the god’s own blood. And so it has been since the beginning.

book cover

Back Cover Blurb:
Murmur was a demon, an immortal. His race had been created by the gods to fight their wars, carry their messages, and die if need be. To that end, Murmur had never known pain nor carried for much beyond what the battlefield required. He did not yearn for more than what the golden god, Lugh, provided. Until now that is. Murmur now dreamed of a woman with rich honey-blonde hair and pale skin whose mind could touch his own. Was he going mad after so many centuries of service? Could such a woman truly exist?

Gabriela could not remember a time when life had been easy. Her roommate, Darren, thought she needed a keeper most days. And perhaps he was right. But it was hard to navigate personal relationships when you knew what others were thinking. She didn’t always try to read minds. It’s just that sometimes, her feeble barriers couldn’t keep the noise at bay. So, when she began to escape her dreary life by daydreaming of the perfect man, Gabriela hadn’t thought too much about it. The warrior who met her in those dreamscapes was strong and confident, all the things she was not. Gabriela never once thought a man that beautiful might be real—or that he could be a demon.

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