The Dreams of Demons (book 3)

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The first demon was created by the gods for the purpose of war. To ensure complete loyalty, the demon was nurtured, strengthened, and bound to his creator through the god’s own blood. And so it has been since the beginning.

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Murmur was a demon, an immortal. His race had been created by the gods to fight their wars, carry their messages, and die if need be. He protected. He served. Not once in all his centuries of service to Lugh had he yearned for more than what the Golden God provided. Until now that is… Murmur now dreamed of a woman with rich honey-blonde hair and pale skin whose mind could touch his own. But Demons don’t dream. Was he going mad? Could such a woman truly exist?

Gabriela could not remember a time when life had been easy. Darren, her roommate, insisted she needed a keeper most days. And perhaps he was right. She didn’t try to read minds – not often. It’s just that sometimes, her feeble barriers couldn’t keep the noise at bay. So, when she began to escape her dreary life by daydreaming of the perfect man, Gabriela hadn’t thought too much about it. The warrior who met her in those dreamscapes was strong and confident, all the things she was not. Gabriela never once thought a man that beautiful could be real—or that he might be a demon.

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Tarrant Smith’s The Dreams of Demons, while part of The Legends of the Pale Series, can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel, as the author provides a cast of characters as well as a summation of preceding events in the story.

Smith’s characters are well-defined and complex, and the relationship between Murmur and Gabriela is thought-provoking and troubling at times. One can’t help but get involved in Gabriela’s story and wonder if becoming the possession of another vastly more powerful being is really what she wants or needs.

The plot is marvelous and filled with unpredictable beings, plots, and complications.

The Dreams of Demons: The Legends of the Pale Series is well-written and bound to please paranormal fantasy and romance fans. It’s most highly recommended.

Literary Titan

The Dreams of Demons is the most unique book I’ve read this year in that it is set in modern-day, but involves gods and demons who have lived for thousands of years, so there is an ancient feel to it as well. Smith has been able to not only braid these two times into one, but the lives of mortals and gods as well, and she has done it exquisitely.

Smith gives a bit of back story here and there, but not too much that would make the reader bored if they had already read the series in its entirety.

There are only so many ways you can describe the act of love and lovemaking. But Smith has breathed new life into the classic romance genre, with steamy scenes enhanced by the raw power of a demon and a mortal who may have otherworldly blood in her. While reading you can feel the magnetism between Murmur and Gabriella. Their relationship was an enthralling escapade of emotions that I looked forward to.”

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Do yourself a favor and buy the series!

There was just something about the blurb of this book that caused an itch I just had to scratch. Lucky for me, the author put all three books in this series on sale right in time for me to give myself a little birthday treat. This is book 3 in the Legends of the Pale series but in my true Gemini fashion I decided to throw caution to the wind and read this one first. I’m glad I already own the other two! The characters are easy to fall in love with (especially Murmur) and the plot is enticing, entertaining, and easy to follow. While there is a story continuation in the series…it wasn’t hard to start right here and I certainly don’t feel like I missed anything by doing so; the story flows wonderfully and the world of the author’s making is one that will stay with you long after you put the book down. If you ARE going to read this book…and I HIGHLY recommend it, do yourself a favor and get all three (more if they’re published!). You won’t regret it! This will be one of my favorite reads to come back to again and again. I’ve already fallen in love with Book 1 even though I’ve only just started that one!

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A Dreamy and Steamy Return to the Legends of the Pale series

I have to admit that I’ve been hoping for more of Murmur since I read The Love of Gods. There was just something about him–his strength, his loneliness, and his complexity as a servant to a god. I wanted more and needed to see how he’d deal with his loyalty for Lugh when it was tested by love. This book does not disappoint!

The growing connection between Murmur and Gabriela got my attention immediately. I found them both compelling characters. They have their own secrets and strength, and their love story is both dreamy–and steamy. This book was absolutely worth the wait and makes a fantastic beach book or book club read!

Plus, Tarrant Smith always leaves me wanting more, and I’m eagerly waiting for the next book in the series and more time in the Pale.

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