Excerpts from: The Love of Gods

I always enjoy sharing snippets of my books. Here’s a random sampling from my latest book, The Love of Gods.

From Chapter 1:

Now it was her turn to laugh, a nervous little titter of unease. “All right. Will this date include a tour of where all the bodies are buried?” she asked, accepting his dare.

The soul remembers. The soul endures because it is not bound by the laws of time. The thought came to him unbidden, along with a hope he had no business nurturing.

Lugos grinned. “No, Keely. That’s second date material.”

She slid her sunglasses back up on her nose and put the Mustang in gear. “Have a nice trip, Lugh. See ya when ya get back.”

He stepped away just as Keely pressed down on the gas pedal, his eyes and heart following her down the long blacktop driveway until the trees finally obscured his view.

Long after the roar of the Mustang’s engine had faded from his hearing, Lugos stood there.

What had he done? The familiar path lay before him yet again, and so did the yearning to set his feet upon it. He had revealed his true identity to her many times. In each lifetime, there had been difficulties; but in the end, the truth of who and what he was had been something she had found a way to accept.

From Chapter 5:

As if cued, Bride glided into the room and announced the arrival of tea and cakes. Lugos watched her float by in her long skirts, a blurred stream of reddish-gold light trailing behind her like a ghost. The color of Bride’s power had always reminded Lugos of dying coals. When she stopped moving, the comet effect ended, but the goddess’s power made her skin appear a bit unworldly, as if tiny flecks of dancing flame lay just under the surface. Even more unsettling, Angus’s twin sister had never made the effort to move much past the restrictions of Victorian fashion or social decorum. Not until Martha Stewart came to the petite goddess’s notice had the all-consuming passion for crafting unsettled an otherwise predictable mind. None of Lugos’s kin truly looked forward to Bride landing on their doorstep—at first, because they didn’t want the constant reminder of her canonization, but now because things like Rhiannon’s vase happened. And because it was difficult to get the goddess of home and hearth to leave before she’d re-purposed every possession you ever held dear.

From Chapter 14:

“If you feel unsafe, even with me, then this will do more damage than that.” He nodded toward the knife. “But, Keely, you’ll need to empty the entire magazine into me, all fifteen bullets; the same goes for Rhiannon, here. Even if you aim for the head and heart, that will only buy you a little time.”

“Excuse me?” Keely and Rhiannon asked in unison. Keely made no move to take the weapon from his hand.

It was only then that Lugos started to breathe again. He’d been afraid to breathe. He’d been terrified that he’d lost her yet again. The thunderstorm outside began to dissipate as rapidly as it had materialized.

“What Lugh is trying to explain to you in his sweet and clumsy way is that he’s immortal, as am I. You can’t actually kill him, only slow him down.”

Lugos watched helplessly as a series of emotions flickered across Keely’s face: disbelief, alarm, fear, and then again disbelief. “I don’t believe that nonsense. Ain’t no one ever escaped death but Jesus Christ,” she said firmly.

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Author: TarrantSmith

I'm an old soul born at a young age, and a full-time author working on a new series.