Sprucing up for a Book Release

With The Fate of Wolves hitting the market this month, I find myself spending a lot of time in the design chair as I dust off and breathe new life into my brand image. It happens every time I release a new book, and honestly, I look forward to it. Social media banners are redesigned. New book signing posters are made. New posters and advertisements are crafted.

Facebook page banner
tabletop display for signings

I try to stick to one theme or image to describe the book. For The Fate of Wolves, it’s this wonderful bluish moon I found.

You’ll begin to notice it cropping up everywhere: Facebook banner, FB ads, Twitter banner, and on this website. Unfortunately, I ran across this fantastic image after I’d created my poster. I’m considering the idea of redesigning it. I know that the most impactful advertising message is one that is concise and unified. And this pale-blue moon image references the werewolves in the second book, but it also speaks to the nature of the universe of the Pale itself. So, the solution might be to use it again for the entire Legends of the Pale Series when The Dreams of Demons is released in 2020.

Facebook Ad

Of course, my redesign time isn’t entirely relegated to the new series. I also have a previous series to market and keep fresh. When I was writing the Darkly Series, I never considered the interesting problem of how to handle the promotion of my back catalog of books. I’ve only recently discovered the hidden cost of having seven different books at each book signing. My next event at the end of this month in my home town of Madison, Georgia will be the first big test. How many books from the Darkly Series should I bring? I’m not sure, but it’s a fun problem to have. I never thought I’d get this far actually. There was a point a few years ago that my writing took a backseat to everything else going on in my life. I’m writing full-time now and my life is all about my books and publishing. It’s amazing how quickly life can change.

Read. Write. And stay Grateful.

That was going to be the end…

But I couldn’t help myself. I have moon fever. Here are the new posters for The Fate of Wolves and the Legends of the Pale Series of books. I’ve also given the Legends books and the Darkly books their own individual pages on the website’s menu.

Legends of the Pale Series

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