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A life update:

For those that don’t follow my Facebook posts, I’d been twiddling my thumbs and gnawing at my fingernails while I waited for my copies of The Fate of Wolves to arrive in time for this weekend’s release party. Though delayed, thankfully the books have arrived! I’ve never been so happy to see a poorly packaged box of books in my entire life!

Not a single bit of paper or cardboard was placed in this box to keep the books from damage. Good job, Amazon. Luckily, every book was okay.

The Madison Chili Cook-off this Saturday:

Be assured, I am using every magickal spell I know to keep the predicted rain at bay – at least until Saturday evening. As it stands right now, the Madison Writers Group will be at the Chili Cook-off selling and signing our books. And I will have plenty of copies of The Fate of Wolves for those who want them.

I’m very proud of this new book and can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’m so excited, in fact, that if you run into me on the streets of Madison you can be sure that I’ll have a copy in my purse to sell you. (And probably more in the car.) An author should never be caught without her books and promotional material.

In other news:

After taking a break to get The Fate of Wolves ready for publication, I’m now back on Medium. Most of my work there falls in the realm of poetic prose or straight-up bad poetry. If you are interested, pop on over to my profile page. https://medium.com/@starrantsmith

Just so you know, the Medium platform is changing the way it pays its authors. Instead of a combination of claps and highlights to determine what it pays out, the algorithm will focus on reading time beginning next month. Most of my work is short so I don’t know how this will affect my coffee income. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to afford my coffee at Perk Avenue Coffeehouse after the change goes into effect.

And as for Samhain (Halloween for you muggles)… I’ll be dressed in my usual witchy garb all-day. October 31st is the only time I can wear the entire outfit without causing alarm. So look for the broom parked outside the coffee shop that day. I’ll be practicing a little Hocus Pocus on the laptop. Maybe even finishing up the first draft of The Souls of Witches. Wouldn’t that be appropriate!

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