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Elementally Yours

Elementally Yours by E.S. Smith is an indie paranormal romance that was a treat to read. I came across this book in an author thread on Facebook and so it was the first time this British author had come to my attention. As a lover of paranormal romance, I usually end up reading about werewolves or vampires. Luckily, Elementally Yours offered a refreshing change. Instead of witches and magick, the supernatural beings in this book are elementals, people who have an infinity for one of the four elements—fire, air, water, or earth.

The plot of the book was straightforward, a young woman, Vienna, who doesn’t know she’s an elemental is wanted by two different men. Of course, the men are extraordinarily sexy and tall. Hunter is the off-limits crush she’s always secretly nurtured, and Jackson is the easy-going hottie she’s been warned to avoid. “Oh, be still my fluttering heart. What a fun ride this was!”

Now as a reader, if the above was all that was going on in this book then I would have grown bored and walked away halfway through the telling, but Smith weaves an intricate tale of family deceptions and allegiances that kept me turning pages until Vienna finally chooses which man she truly loves. Smith’s writing is an excellent example of just how good so many indie published books can be. I’d happily recommend downloading a copy of Elementally Yours to your kindle. The book can be read in a weekend, or a day if you are a fast reader. Elementally Yours was published in 2017 and I hope Smith will consider making this a series.

For more information about E.S. Smith you can find her on Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook. Elementally Yours is only sold in digital format. This review was published on Amazon and on Goodreads.com.

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