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Here’s the latest news from my little office at home:

  • The virus is everywhere and more and more people are being told to shelter in place. I’ve been sheltering in place for years, but such is the life of an introvert.
  • I’m escaping the depressing World News by working on edits and rewrites in book 4, The Souls of Witches. I am trying to keep to a reasonably productive schedule.
  • It seems as if every author has discounted their books in a desperate attempt to get people to read instead of spending hours watching shows on the internet. I’m not one of those authors. My book discounts ended on March 31st and I don’t know that earning less than 99 cents per ebook download will keep me fed during the month of April. I don’t think $3.99 is too much to pay for an ebook. And the $7.99 for the Darkly Boxed Set cost less than if you purchased all 5 of the Darkly books separately.
  • I am, however, spending what little money I can spare on a new round of Facebook ads in the hopes of boosting my book sales during the month of April. If you see them please share them to your Facebook Feed and help other readers find their new book boyfriends!
  • I’ve got 2 house cats, 2 dogs, and two men in my house and underfoot right now. Yikes! That’s why I drink every afternoon.
  • My oven isn’t working. We’re waiting for a new heating element to arrive in the mail. So, no bread making. Sad cause it seems like the rest of the nation is baking homemade bread right now and I like to be apart of a movement. LOL
  • Because I can’t do any book signings or appearances in the near future, I plan on posting excerpts from The Love of Gods and The Fate of Wolves for potential readers this month. No decision has been made on whether any juicy parts will be shared.
  • Lastly, I hope all of you stay safe out there. Even a mild case of Corvid-19 can be debilitating.

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What am I going to do with Murmur when he arrives in June?

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