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It’s been a busy week! The most notable news that I have to share is that The Dreams of Demons, book 3 in the Legends of the Pale Series is now available for pre-order in ebook format with Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks…and soon many more. Just follow this universal link…Here to order your copy. I’ve also just ordered my paperback proof for Dreams of Demons and am eagerly waiting to hold my newest baby in my hands. I absolutely love Murmur and Gabriela’s story. And I hope you will too!

This week I’ve also been sharing my poetry on Medium. It’s quite personal as poetry tends to be. Here are links to my latest offerings published by The Partnered Pen. I intend to submit many more articles and poems in the coming months.

The Bargain and A Submissive’s Wish

I also managed to put to bed the fourth book in my series this week, The Souls of Witches. I am extremely happy with how the book came together. I love Lars, but I have a soft spot where Rowan is concerned. She, like me, is a kitchen witch. This book was surprisingly hard for me to write because it required me to explain what it feels like to be a witch, to handle and read energy, and all the pitfalls of that kind of calling. This book is slated for release in October or early November. It all depends on my editor’s timetable.

Now that my desk has been cleared, I can get back to writing the next few books in this series. As always, the Legends of the Pale books are designed to be stand-alone novels with satisfying endings. No cliffhangers! I promise. 💕

Next week I will celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary with the love of my life. I must say that my life has never been so good; writing full time, a son finally out of college, and travel on the horizon once this pandemic allows it. I thank you, readers and visitors to my site, for allowing me to share with you the worlds and characters roaming around inside my head. I hope I have touched you in some small way.

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