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This week I’ve been at home mostly, spending a lot of time on Medium…reading articles and writing poetry. You’ve probably seen the links on my Facebook page where I’ve posted something new every day. Here’s a sample of my poetry efforts: (Published May 21st, 2020 with the Partnered Pen)

Morning Rain

Gray light of a rainsoaked Sunday,
Breakfast crumbs pressed
into rumbled sheets
and cooling coffee sits.

Cell phones lay facedown.
Digital expatriates —
the pitter-pat against windowpanes
is our chosen anthem.

We are languid explorers
of sensual lands within
— Discovering each other again.

Some of these poems will make it into my collection, Love, Sex & Witchery, which I plan to release right before Valentine’s Day next year. You can read more about the specifics of this collection on the book’s dedicated page. Truly, this is something I am doing for myself more than any of my romance readers. I just wanted to have all my favorite poems in one place. Something I could point to and slide off my bookshelf in the years to come.

Though Georgia is officially open, my husband and I are not ready to venture out much. That does not mean I’m not going a bit stir crazy here at the house! My plans for travel this year have been curtailed by the virus. I desperately need an escape, so beyond the poetry writing, I’ve been doing a lot of book reading. Romance, crime, mystery and some erotica. I’ve also been making an effort to leave a review behind for potential readers with Amazon and This is the best way to support the authors of the books you like. Especially, if like me, you read digital books. The cost of an ebook is so low that most authors don’t make much money off that format.

As for the Legends of the Pale Books…

The Dreams of Demons will be available in all online bookstores by June 1st. I am very excited about this book! I absolutely adore Murmur’s character. I believe the paperback is already live on Amazon’s site. My author copies of this book won’t arrive until June 9th, so if you’d like to purchase a physical book directly from me, I will find a way to accommodate readers. I intend to get several copies to The Madison Artist Guild and to The Southern Pen Bookshop in Monroe. Links to their online sites can be found on this site’s sidebar.

Hopefully, in Mid-June I will find a way to organize a drive-by book signing. As soon as the details are worked out, I will make an announcement on Facebook.

Everyone stay safe out there. And I’ll keep writing.


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