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Reviewed By Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

The Souls of Witches by Tarrant Smith is a well-written page-turning paranormal romance novel. This selection is from the series Legends of the Pale about paranormal characters and communities living and struggling on the outskirts of society in a place called The Pale. Members of these unique communities include werewolves, demons, witches, and other supernatural entities. Smith has created a plot that will pull you in like quicksand–the dangerous but irresistible romance between a demon/demigod hybrid named Lars and an unassuming but independent kitchen witch named Rowan who lives a quiet life and knows what she wants and doesn’t want out of life. She never thought she wanted or needed her “other half”–a soulmate. Are the two destined to be together? How will they overcome the darkness that threatens them and their differences? There are secrets buried in the past, and if Lars chooses to be with her, it may cost her life.

Come for the plot, stay for the characters and emotional love story. This author makes it easy to sink right into the story, beginning with brief character sketches at the beginning to get you familiar with the players. This is greatly appreciated. As the story begins, you will immediately recognize that this writer is talented, knows how to put a story together, and pull emotions from the reader. The attention to detail is impressive, the inner dialogue balanced with narrative and exterior dialogue, and the imagery is cinematic. You are in Rowan’s world all the way, made tangible by thoughts, descriptions, and her personality. As you read, you get the feeling you’re reading about real people with real lives (albeit paranormal ones), not characters in a book. When Rowan’s world collides with Lars’ at the witch’s ball, we are treated to romantic chemistry that throbs like a heartbeat. There are some strong, steamy sex scenes for those who like a little heat, but with genuine longing and connection too. I like the way Lars’ character develops over time and the inner turmoil he wrestles with. Rowan grows too, but Lars’ changes are profound. The backstory is crucial to this series and its characters. This is a world you can easily get caught up in, and Smith should be applauded for world-building skill, which is the foundation of a series like this. If you can’t believe the world, nothing else matters. But Smith masters it. The Souls of Witches by Tarrant Smith is the perfect example of a must-read paranormal romance.

Author: TarrantSmith

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