A day in the DESIGN CHAIR

Whoever thought writing a book was time-consuming has never had to market a book, much less two multi-book series and a poetry book!

Today I set aside my writing so I could devote much-needed time to the design chair. Below are the new social media ads I’ll be running on FB over the next three weeks. I’m also doing a bit of digital housecleaning today. This internet health-check includes all my social media sites, my author’s website, and the multiple sites selling my books. Luckily, I do this chore once a month to keep the information circulating about me as current as humanly possible. This includes…but is not limited to… book blurbs, author bios, book pricing and discounts, award updates, and a reasonably decent author’s picture.

I’m also taking a little time this afternoon to unsubscribe to newsletters and promotional materials that are clogging up my author’s Gmail account. After leaving Tumbler years ago, I still get a weekly email from them. Why is that necessary?

On the Promotional Front

The Fate of Wolves (ebook) is just 99-cents this month across all platforms. You can find it and all my other books listed on my Books2Read Author Page.


How to get a free ebook!

I have a few Amazon gift codes for Kindle copies of The Love of Gods and my latest, The Souls of Witches. If you’ve been wanting to read one of my books, live in the United States, and would like one of these codes…please email me at tarrantsmith@gmail.com. I will reply within 24 hours. (As always, honest reviews are appreciated but not required for obtaining a gift code)

Once the codes are gone, they’re gone. 😘 So hurry!

At last count, I have 8 Gift Codes for The Love of Gods and 5 Gift codes for The Souls of Witches.

What’s Coming?

I am well into writing The Heart of Monsters. This will most likely be book 5 in the Legends of the Pale Series. To help myself get on with the writing of it, I’ve made a promise to my editor to get the finished manuscript to her by the first of October. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be able to set the release date just in time for Christmas this year.

I’m looking at cover art possibilities now. By Mid-Summer, I’ll reveal a finalized cover so we can all look forward to holding it in our hands.

On the Poetry Front

Yes, I am still writing poetry and have laid out the framework for a second collection. I even have a working title: Whimsy, Hearts & Zen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, The Chalkboard!


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