Book Trailers… Are they worth it?

Do you need a book trailer in this very visual marketing world? Would you know what to do with a book trailer once you’d created one? And really, how hard are they to make?

Well, as a part of my quest to reach new readers, let me weigh in on the subject.

Photo by Donovan Silva on Unsplash

Firstly, Hell Yes! Make a damn promotional trailer for your book.

We all understand that writers paint pictures by using words. It’s what we do. We spend years learning how to do it better, quicker, cleaner. So it’s easy for writers to dismiss the visual aspects that a good book marketing plan should include. Examples of visual marketing are, but aren’t limited to:

  • eye-catching cover art
  • static social media ads
  • book unboxing videos
  • videos from book signings
  • and yes, a book trailer or two
  • video interviews
  • taped readings

I am sure I’m forgetting something in the above list, but let’s press on. Book trailers have the ability to engage potential readers and build excitement about your book. So why wouldn’t you take the time to create one? And let’s face it, it’s most likely going to be the only time you see your book in movie form!

So is it difficult to make a book trailer?

The short answer is no. It shouldn’t be. There’s enough movie-making software and apps on the market. Finding a site or software to suit your needs isn’t hard at all. A google search should do it.

Once you collect your images, have an idea of the kind of tease you want to present… then it’s time to stitch the “short movie” together. Pay attention to the accompanying music you choose. That will set the overall mood of your trailer. Just pretend you’re a movie producer cutting the best trailer for this year’s summer blockbuster, romcom, or drama and you will be happy with the results.

I’m now going to plug…

All the videos on my site were made using their software. I decided to pay their monthly fee to avoid their watermarks on the video and images I used to create my book trailers. The rest was good old imagination and a bit of editing. Of course, I have made book trailers in the past using PowerPoint. Biteable was much easier to deal with.

As for how your book trailer should look… Well, that’s up to you. I suggest you view lots of book trailers, both in your own genre and others, until you feel inspired.

So where do I share my book trailers once they’re made?

Okay, this answer is less intuitive. Frankly, beyond putting them on your own author’s website, YouTube, Goodreads, and Facebook… you’re going to have to do some searching. But I can help you get started.

Places I’ve found to Upload your Book Trailer:

  • Author’s Website (Have that video front and center!)
  • YouTube (Create your own channel!)
  • Author Goodreads page (The video must be a YouTube link)
  • Facebook page and all those book marketing groups (easy-peesy)
  • Pinterest (upload the file directly and don’t forget to add sales links)
  • (will require information from your Amazon page)
  • (like YouTube, you can set up your own channel)
  • Vimeo (like YouTube, with the option of paying for more memory space)
  • Twitter (of course)
  • Instagram (if the trailer is over 60 seconds in length)
  • Include the trailer in your Newsletter to subscribers
  • Amazon Book Sales Page **(Submit it as a video. If accepted, it takes a few days to show up)
  • Amazon Central (there’s a place to submit pictures and video in your profile)
  • And, if there is a local business that sells your books, then give them the file to upload to their own web storefront. They will probably appreciate anything that might drive traffic to their site.

This list is just a jumping-off point for where you can engage with possible new readers. I will keep reporting back on this issue as I discover new sites.

Before I leave:

** Below is a screenshot from The Fate of Wolves sales page on Amazon. The Upload Your Video is below the details of the book and above More about the Author section. So it’s pretty far down the page on the left. I think it’s still worth submitting a trailer. (And yeah, I know my sales numbers are sad. Stop judging. Help me out. Leave a review. 💋)

Alright, thanks for stopping by! I’ve got to get back to work now. The next book isn’t going to write itself.


Author: TarrantSmith

I'm an old soul born at a young age, and a full-time author working on a new series.