Today’s 3 Poem Work Break

I sometimes share my poetry on Medium. I am currently organizing a second collection. But until that is published, please enjoy the following efforts.

Product: Me

Shifting pictures
of my best self

Glow-filtered aspirations,
hollow pixels
and plastic smiles

The world judges
liked and hearted
commerce tending

-Tarrant Smith 2021

*** ***

Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash

Moving Day

Burning away a cluttered life
simplicity by design
curated and capsuled
until I am more
and we are less
mid-life minimal
romancing empty space

-Tarrant Smith 2021

*** ***

The Cat’s Writer

contagious cat cuddles curtail coffee cup canoodling
clandestine collaborators colliding

-Tarrant Smith 2021

*** ***

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I'm an old soul born at a young age, and a full-time author working on a new series.