About the Author

The paranormal romance, Enchanted Darkly, was first published in 2010. Little did I know that this one book would inspire an entire series based on Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend. The Darkly Series books are closely tied to one another and are best read in order. Resurrected Darkly is the final offering and becomes available May 1, 2019. Unlike the Darkly Series, the Legends of the Pale Series was designed to appeal to a broader array of readers. These books also fall into the genre of paranormal romance, but they are not tied as tightly together as my previous series. Ideally, a reader should be able to read this series out of sequence and never feel as if they’ve missed anything.

The Love of Gods will be released May 1, 2019, with The Fate of Wolves arriving at Amazon and Kindle in time for Christmas. Please feel free to leave reviews with me, either here, or on Amazon, or on Goodreads.com