Bound Darkly (book 2)

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Sinnie has lived a secure, uniquely privileged life in the Seelie Court of Tir na n-Og. For as long as she can remember, her doting father, Sel, son of Selgi, has been the Captain of the Queen’s Guard. She cannot imagine the dark warrior prophesied for her future by the meddling goddess Blodeuwedd. Nevertheless, Sinnie’s fate is forever sealed the day the goddess whispers the riddle into her child’s ear. He would be a warrior born of the dark, raised by the despised, and tempered by the unlikely – and he would be Sinnie’s only chance at true love.

After spending nearly a thousand years exiled in the world of men, Hueil, son of Caw, has returned to the Dark Court of the unseelie to find much has changed in his homeland. The restoration of his name and his new duties at court should have brought him satisfaction, but the many years of banishment and Jennifer Mackell have changed him. Unable to name the yearning that now plagues him, Hueil travels back to Jen’s cottage to seek answers. What he finds is Sinnie, a seelie warrior who is both fire and flame, and a woman who might very well be the death of him – if he is lucky.

Added Bonus: Forbidden, a Darkly Short Story

Cian, a seasoned seelie guardsman, has lost his heart to a human. There’s a reason contact between humans and fey is forbidden; more often than not, enchantment is the result. He may have lost his heart, but Elizabeth could lose her self if he isn’t vigilant. To give himself strength, Cian recites the rules he has sworn to follow. He must never touch her or let her know that he is real. He must remain invisible to her eyes – an unspoken shadow in her world. And above all, he must keep her safe – safe even from himself. But Cian longs to see the warmth of recognition shining from her eyes; to pass the time conversing with her, to touch her heart and hear her sigh in his arms. He must be careful. He has already broken one rule. Can he keep himself from breaking all the others?