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Love, Sex & Witchery

YES… the poetry collection is here! 100 pages, 52 curated poems, and 8 poetic prose pieces.

Love, Sex & Witchery book trailer (Touchstones) 2021

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Poetry Collection – released January 9th, 2021… Available at all online bookstores

From the Introduction of Love, Sex & Witchery:

I have often told people that I am not a poet, but somewhere along the way, I think I became one by accident. For a few years now, I have found the courage to share my poetic efforts on the online writer’s platform, Medium. While assembling this collection, I soon realized that I wrote about three subjects more than any other—hence the title of this little book: Love, Sex & Witchery

I have done my best to pick the poems that resonated the most with Medium readers. I have also included one or two offerings that were close to my heart but were largely ignored on the day they were published. Along with the easily recognizable poetry, you will discover passages of poetic prose. These short vignettes are windows into my mind, ramblings of fancy to keep the reading landscape interesting. It will also become immediately clear to you, dear reader, that I have organized this book into the title’s three themes, Love and witchery comprising the largest sections. Please pick and choose how you wish to proceed. This isn’t the sort of book one reads in a single sitting or even in the order the poems are presented. Wander as the mood strikes—as a fairy or gypsy might.

My musings on love are mainly that of a seasoned love, love over time—what such a thing looks and feels like to one who has lived it. Though there is still passion after so many years of sharing a life with another, there is also a deep sense of belonging and familiarity that can only be created by time and understanding. Not everyone finds their soulmates as I have done. I would like to believe that my husband and I were fated, and no matter our choices, eventually we would have crossed each other’s paths. That might be so, but I have also come to realize that we are continually making the choice to stay together. Even fated love will wither if it is not tended.

For some readers, the middle section dedicated to sex will be like throwing back a shot of tequila, strong and intoxicating with a salt and lime BDSM chaser. I have reached an age that no apology will be forthcoming for what you find in those pages. I have always thought the act of sex to be a natural and powerful exchange. I hope that you don’t shy away from that portion of the book. Instead, take the poems for what they are, a deeply personal look at the power dynamics between lovers.

Lastly, I have dedicated a full third of this book to all things witchery. Like love and sexuality, the mystery of magick and the archetypical witch finds its way into almost every aspect of my writing life. Not only does it appear in my poetic endeavors, but it is explored in both of my paranormal romance series. The power of the divine feminine is something I have embraced and cherished over the years. I find her strength inspiring. I hope you will too as you journey with her into the wood under the light of an ever-changing moon.

Thank you again for allowing me to share my internal working and insights with you. Now off you go. I’ve given you all the warnings I can. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, some chocolate, and a blanket perhaps. Then, find a quiet spot and turn the page.

Another poem in motion:

Love, Sex & Witchery book trailer (Forgiven) 2021