Resurrected Darkly (book 5)

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It didn’t matter that Uncle Hueil was now the unseelie king, or that the rest of her family had benefited from her uncle’s rise to power. Ena seemed destined to remain separate, an outcast among the fey at court. She had a temper and was sharp-tongued thanks to her mother’s dragon blood. She’d never be a sweet and submissive mate for the nobles who sought to tie their houses to the powerful House of Caw. So when the matchmaking goddess Blodeuwedd appeared, Ena was suspicious. But because denying the gods was tricky, and the errand appeared simple, Ena agreed. After all, she had a dragon’s cold heart. Not even Blodeuwedd’s silly binding vows could warm it.

Crank had once been a warrior of legend, but that was before the goddess Arianrhod cursed him for merely entering her realm. Eventually he’d abandoned his noble name, his honor, and every oath he’d ever held dear in his quest to find and restore his king to the unseelie throne. But in the end, Arianrhod’s curse had taken everything from him. Then in Annwn, Crank had murdered his king, his life-long friend. Now madness was Crank’s constant companion. He longed for death, but the gods weren’t done torturing him…for they’d sent him a she-fey with lavender eyes and the temper of a dragon to tempt him to live again.

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Review: Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Resurrected Darkly is a work of paranormal romance fiction penned by author Tarrant Smith and the fifth novel in the Darkly Series. In this powerful tale of resurrection-like romance and feisty tempers, we return to the newly-crowned king of the Unseelie court, focusing on Hueil’s niece, Ena. Ena has the heart of a dragon, so when the gods see fit to enter her life, she is wary but unafraid. She seeks to play out their game to keep peace with the matchmaker, but the disgraced warrior that Ena is led to brings her more than she could imagine. Crank, for his part, is in dire need of a new reason to live, and Ena might just be it.

Having read several works in the Darkly Series recently, I think I enjoyed Resurrected Darkly most of all because of the deep, dark nature of its hero, Crank. His emotional and psychological journey back to life really enhances the romantic plot of the novel, elevating its intimate scenes beyond the physical, and into the powerful capacity that such intimacy has to remind people of the gift of life itself. Author Tarrant Smith plays this romance out beautifully to convey those important messages and uplift readers in this redeeming and superbly atmospheric love story. Ena makes a great match for him, just as the gods suggested, encompassing empowerment as well as sensuality to portray a powerful female lead in charge of her own decisions. Overall, Resurrected Darkly comes very highly recommended for paranormal romance fans.