Surrendered Darkly (book 4)

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“Sometimes, mirrored souls are born. They are rare and unique in that they will only reflect the light of their twin. No other will catch and hold their attention. You are such a soul.”Cora had loved him once, but that was before Neb broke her heart. Now, a handmaiden to Arianrhod, Cora watches Neb from the safety of the god realm and what she sees—she doesn’t like. He is an arrogant and self-serving fey, just like his older brother, Hueil. But after centuries of avoiding Tir na n-Og and Neb, fate has brought them together once more. Will she surrender to the dark passion his touch ignites? Or, can cool logic protect Cora from the one her heart and soul desires most?

Navigating the dangers and politics of the unseelie court is second nature to Neb, but now, he must use all his wits if he’s to survive the Morrigan’s command of bedding one of Arianrhod’s handmaidens. He knows that stealing from the goddess of fate can be tricky, perhaps even deadly. To make matters worse, Neb has the unsettling feeling that he should know the blue-eyed beauty. He is drawn to Cora like a bee to honey, and soon realizes that just bedding her will never be enough. She is the one, the only one for him.

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Review: Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Surrendered Darkly is a work of romantic paranormal fiction written by author Tarrant Smith, and is another addition to the Darkly Series set in the world of the Fey people. In this story, we focus on the gods’ realm and the Unseelie court, where we meet Cora and Neb. After Cora has her heart broken by Neb, she watches him from her position as handmaiden to a goddess, horrified by the arrogant, hedonistic soul he has become. But when Neb is commanded to return to Cora and bed her to get a trick over on the goddess herself, it turns out that his own feelings on the subject might be more meaningful than anyone first thought.

Something which I really admire about the Darkly Series is the strength and realism of the world in which it is built, connecting characters and concepts from other books, whilst at the same time delivering the same high-quality hot romance novel for its readers every time. Author Tarrant Smith keeps it fresh with another pair of romancers, and I particularly enjoyed this match as Cora balances heart and head very well throughout the tale. Neb was fun to read, dynamic on every page and vividly described from head to toe, and once again Smith’s attention to detail and strong emotional inner monologue lends itself to powerful storytelling. Overall, Surrendered Darkly marks another vivid and engaging addition to an already excellent series, and I’d highly recommend it for romance, fantasy and fey fans everywhere.