The 4th Book is Nearly Here!

Lars and Rowan’s story is unlike any other I’ve tackled. And, of course, Rowan is a Kitchen Witch like myself so this means that her view of the world and her place in that world is very close to my heart.

Well, technically it’s here now!

To actually order my author copies from Amazon, the paperback has to be live on their site already. So, I hit that scary publish button after receiving and approving my book’s physical proof… and there you go. The paperback can be ordered immediately (so can my author copies), but the ebook format won’t be downloadable until Saturday, November 21st. Which is the official release date.

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For writers who are currently writing their first book or indie publishing for the very first time

You need to be aware that getting your book into print is just the beginning of a very long process. To get your baby seen and in the hands of readers, there’s a slew of marketing and book buzz that should be going on well in advance of your ultimate release date. And I’ve been doing that.

  • Through consistently timed author website posts and Facebook posts.
  • By over-sharing updates on this book’s editing process, cover reveals, proof reveals.
  • Doing general series-marketing so readers know that they will soon have another set of characters joining the Pale.
  • Sharing an excerpt from the book in my weekly podcast. Click Here to listen.
  • And utilizing basic word of mouth – talking up the book with anyone who’d listen.

Now that the book is available for purchase and download (soon), I will have to ramp up my promotional buzz on all my social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Substack). This will include a few eye-catching graphics and more snippets from the book itself. I’ll also set up a few January book signings to celebrate its holiday release.

So, please look for the book.

Lars and Rowan’s story is unlike any other I’ve tackled. And, of course, Rowan is a Kitchen Witch like myself so this means that her view of the world and her place in that world is very close to my heart.

I hope you enjoy, The Souls of Witches. I truly enjoyed writing it.

The Wait is Over!

The Fate of Wolves is now out on Kindle. After anticipating its release for nearly a month, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. So many of my readers prefer ebooks because of the convenience of having their entire library on one device. Now the madness can stop! No more just hearing about book 2… you can now download Deegan and Eva’s story for yourself.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll be glad to know that The Fate of Wolves is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. That means you can read it for free! I get paid according to how many pages are read, so it’s a win-win for authors and readers!

Book 1 and 2

First Amazon Review:

A Page-Turning Romance with a Twist October 29, 2019

As an avid reader of many genres, I have high expectations when it comes to romance. I want my heroines strong, their partners strong enough to match them, and a love story that avoids predictability. The Fate of Wolves has all this and more. Fans of fantasy and paranormal romance will love the legend and lore bound tightly in this moving romance. It was a page-turning read, and just when I thought the author was taking me toward the usual cliched ending, the plot twisted for a surprising and satisfying conclusion. Expect elements of action, romance, and fantasy to converge all the way up until the very last page.”

As always, customer reviews are the best thank you an author can receive. They can be brief or long, but please consider leaving one behind for another reader to find. Amazon makes it so easy for kindle users, prompting them at the end of every book. If you’ve purchased a paperback of The Fate of Wolves from me at a signing then is another fabulous site to leave your thoughts. (Just follow the Goodreads link above.)

The reason I keep asking, nay begging, for reviews from readers is that it takes a minimum of 20 reviews on a book for Amazon’s algorithm to suggest it to readers. I am still climbing that mountain with all my books and I need your help. If you have enjoyed any of my Darkly Series or The Love of Gods, Click Here for my Amazon Author’s page to find all the links to my catalog of books on Amazon.

As always, thank you for your support.