The Darkly Book Series

The Darkly Series books are all about the dangerous fey, their world and how these immortals interact with each other, the gods, and us mortals. The books draw heavily from Celtic mythology and Arthurian Legend. And yet, their stories of love and loss are universal.

Five books, five couples, and love that defies time.

Enchanted Darkly: Though she tried, Jennifer was never meant to live a normal life. Now she must master her gifts, magick, and uncover her connection to the fey race in order to save herself and the man she is destined to love.

Bound Darkly: After spending nearly a thousand years exiled in the world of men, Hueil, son of Caw, has found the one. She is both fire and flame, and might very well be the death of him – if he’s lucky.

Kept Darkly: Sel had long served and loved the Seelie Queen, but the Unseelie Princess, Riona, was a temptation he’d never let go.

Surrendered Darkly: Cora had loved him once, but that was before Neb broke her heart. Will she surrender to the dark passion his touch ignites? Or, can cool logic protect Cora from the one her heart and soul desire most?

Resurrected Darkly: Once a warrior of legend, madness was Crank’s constant companion. He longed for death, but the gods weren’t done torturing him…for they’d sent him a she-fey with lavender eyes and the temper of a dragon to tempt him to live again.