The Souls of Witches (book 4)

Coming in November 2020

To be a witch is to know that all life is connected. The veil that marks the boundary between worlds is not hidden from their eyes. Their actions shape what will be. So choose to be a light inside a dark world, dare when others will not, love despite rejection. But above all else, dance when all hope is lost.

Book Blurb:

Orphaned by the age of six, Lars’ earliest memories are of the violent encounters between the demon who sired him and his demigod mother. Only Bran, a raven gifted to him on his eighteenth birthday by his goddess-grandmother, provides any tangible connection to his remaining blood family. But that same unique ancestry he’d like to forget, is also what allows him to live a charmed life within the supernatural communities collectively known as the Pale.
     Then on the eve of his fortieth year, Lars meets Rowan at a local Witches Ball, and everything changes. Suddenly, the past secrets Lars had never wanted to unearth is the disturbing truth he needs to understand before his own ignorance and cravings kill her.

     Rowan Morgan is a solitary witch by nature and a kitchen witch by inclination. After the death of her parents and much-loved Nana, Rowan has finally carved out a life for herself—a small life but also a deeply satisfying one. Between her herb gardening, the sweets she bakes for the local café, and participating in rituals with Tara and Brett, Rowan is happy.
     Fiercely independent, she has never truly felt as if she were someone’s other half. Now in her thirties, she’s content to live alone in her well-ordered world. But after a single night in the arms of a dark and mysterious lover, Rowan is forced to reconsider her past assumptions about the existence of soulmates. And if she and Lars are truly destined for one another, then how will such drastically different people ever learn to live together?

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